American Paris

by O.G.B

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Premier simple du EP "Original Gros Bonnet", disponible mardi le 28 février.
First single off the "Original Gros Bonnet" EP, out Februray 28th.


I’m bringing MC’s back
None of that knick knack paddywack shit
Only facts when I hop on the track bitch
Only acts when you’re boasting like “quack”
Boy you’re ‘bout to get smacked with a couple fat stacks
Skinny dude on steroids
A bitch hidin’ inside an armor like Metroid
You will wish that you hadn’t crossed my path
Experience my wrath
Oblivious pedestrian staring at the bloodbath

I’m a gifted individual, you can call me the juggler
Leeches are jumping at me they’re aiming for the jugular
There’s turbulence, nothing but turmoil in these streets
So I meet up with the homies and start vibing on these beats

I’m from the American Paris
Where the cold is the premise
Better settle for the bliss
And if you kiss
The devil with your eyes wide open
Pray you rise wise
Else you get your sunrise stolen
So if you’re down with the FAC
Hop in the trunk and ride as far as the eye can see
Cruising 90 miles an hour in the city, no pity (P.T.)
And we won’t quit ‘til our shit is billi.

So hear us out y'all


released February 21, 2017
Batterie/Drums : Escogrif
Bass(e) : Claude Vincent
Clavier/Keys : GreenPiece
Guitar(e) : John the Architect
Saxophone : Ice Cream Truck
Électronique/Electronic : Sambrais
Voix/Vocals : Franky Fade
Mix : Escogrif & SamBrais
Mastering : Frédéric Salter
Cover Art : Emmanuelle Desfossés



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O.G.B Montreal, Québec

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